By Dribbles | Jun 5 2019 | Fiction, Fantasy

I ran a number of brief Dungeons and Dragons campaigns in my guild's discord a year or so ago. The first had to be finished early after a major player left the guild and others wanted to participate. I concocted a scenario for the team be annihilated in, wiping the slate clean.

As you'll probably notice, the names, species, and other things are all... out of place. I pretty much let the players do what they wanted for comedic purposes, so we ended up with a team comprised of a Rastafarian Yeti, a gnome bard called Army Guy, a half-banana half-frog creature, a typical magical elf, and an overweight loincloth-clad man named Gabomba whose sole purpose was to play the song of his people.

I would've like to have spent more time on this one, but it was somewhat rushed. There are a few images I still really like, and I hope you do too.

The Story

As Eloon lifts up everything around him, he begins to pour all his energy into the attack. Bits of gore, random household objects, and pieces of buildings begin to swirl about with amazing speed. Eloon continues to spin his hands around and around, twirling everything with ever increasing speed. The storm above the crowd’s heads fizzes as flammable items catch fire, creating an inferno of shrapnel. This hellish light illuminates the entire town, casting a shimmering pattern on the countryside as it reaches a ludicrous speed.

Each individual object has increased in speed so dramatically, that it is now unnoticeable amongst the streaks of wind and fire. The mage cackles as his spell works, fingers weaving an incantation that is now no longer recognizable. Beaming with delight, with the inferno's brilliance reflecting in his eyes, Eloon makes the final preparations to unleash his most devastating attack.


Except, he realized, he grew overconfident. With pride in his own work, he failed to weave in a protection charm for himself and his allies. A rookie mistake, but it can be adjusted. With a few minor tweaks, he can inject a charm into the stabilising current and-

Power surges out of his hands. A loud twang ruptures the air as the beams of energy gliding from his hands suddenly vanish. Control of the spell had been relinquished. This was too beyond him, and in his haste, he lost what made him master of his own weapon. His heart stopped beating as realization dawned on him. He could only stare forward as the inferno made one last surge in speed before its suspension faded. The firestorm dropped.

In mere seconds, a stream of burning shrapnel plummeted into the crowd below. Each tiny piece whizzed through flesh and carved through bone with ease, burning a path behind it that singed with intensity. Each tiny piece was accompanied by hundreds of others that quickly shredded each individual into an unrecognizable cloud. Eloon watched as dozens of townsfolk were brutally disassembled before his eyes in milliseconds. The steady current of fire smashed into the nearby buildings, knocking brick loose from mortar and kicking dust into the air. The blender shredded everything it touched, spitting more loose material throughout town as it spun without decreasing.

He needed a shield, and fast! With a few incantations, the party would be able to survive. Eloon began to weave a new pattern as quickly as he could muster, arms outstretched. A hum filled the air, passing by him and vanishing as quickly as he heard it, leaving behind an odd sensation on his neck. He began to feel dizzy, and his hands dropped mid-incantation. Unsure of what was happening, he brought his trembling fingers to his throat to feel what had seemingly hit him. As he staggered onto the floor, he was unable to find anything to sate his curiosity, nothing at all where his throat used to be.

Army Guy, unable to process the carnage around him, turned to Eloon and hoped for an easy escape. However, Eloon was now no longer where he used to be standing, the stream of dashing debris dancing further in. With quick thinking, he thought of Kanaeti, and his enhanced vitality! Shouting for help, he awaited some response from the nearby Yeti. And indeed, the bards lungs carried his voice well. Without a moment's delay, he saw the hulking frame of a yeti plow through the wall of fire, his silhouette growing stronger as he approached the gnome.

Hope quickly faded though, as the silhouette began to slow. The yeti began to lurch and slouch, staggering from side to side. Eventually, the silhouette faded like sand swept away by wind. The fire took him, and the chance of rescue with it. Army Guy sat upon on the cobblestone street, lute in hand, and began to strum his favourite song as the circle closed in.

The fire spread without delay, ripping through the town whilst the storm continued to rage. As the sun rose over the horizon on the coming morning, the world held one less town upon its lush soil. Thotsdale was gone, and the story ends here.