By Dribbles | Feb 26 2019 | World of Warcraft, Gaming

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On Thursday, 21st of February 2019, local guild Orthodox was pronounced dead at the scene.

Or was it dead on the 28th of January? Huh, this is quite the conundrum. We'll have to go back. Back... to the beginning.

Back in 2013... Okay, so not that far. We'll start a little closer to the action, or lack thereof. With the release of Battle for Azeroth in late 2018, Orthodox began to experience a slow but sure bleed in members and overall willingness to participate. We won't get into the nitty-gritty of Blizzard's seemingly poor design choices, but to state the obvious, it had a less than stellar impact on our guild's numbers. 

Up until the 28th of January, Orthodox had barely managed to survive. After killing G'huun on Heroic difficulty, we quickly realised that we could no longer maintain our heroic raid schedule. Heroic Taloc wiped us four times in a row the following week, much to our dismay (And shame. Lots of shame). We called off the schedule and decided to chill out, enjoy the holidays, and await the release of the Battle for Dazar'alor. But on our first day in the new raid, we failed to pull more than five guild members online. People took their breaks, and never came back.

One of our members brought up an idea that was later decided upon by group consensus consisting of our core members (minus me). In short: Orthodox would be disbanded, and in it's place, a new guild would be created. This guild, titled Ishnu Alah, would be commanded by streamer and guild officer Ammaanii (aka PlumpCherry). The guild would have its community merged with her Twitch subscriber base, hopefully being able to use her existing fanbase and pull as a streamer to advertise the guild.

For those of you out of the loop, ishnu-alah is a phrase uttered by Night Elves in their native tongue of Darnassian, which means "Good fortune to you". Made a meme by Nixxiom on YouTube (hence it being the name choice).

And on the 28th of January 2019, the change was made. Orthodox, or at the very least, the remnants of Orthodox, were gone. So you could say that this was the true date of death.

Ishnu Alah carried on its stead for... I don't think I can rightly state 24 days as "a while". It existed, is what I'm trying to say. I won't bring drama or any of our internal conflicts into this article, but suffice it to say, the guild was brought low from the inside. The end of Ishnu Alah came about on the 21st of February 2019, and to many, came as no surprise.

But fear not! While we may not have the guild, many of us still have eachother. By the power of friendship, we shall carry on. With our glorious leader Swift apparently returning into the fold, who knows what might happen?

But yeah, shit's fucked.